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Under Wraps Part 20

A few days had gone by and the girls had all moved into the new lair…

Bethany was still struggling with her position in the turtle’s lives, especially Don’s. Leo had made a lot of good points when they last talked and she had to admit that she really liked having Don around. He was a fine man with brains, protective arms, and compassion. Her son also seemed to like him as well and that was always a plus in her book.

Currently, she was sitting out in the sewer, staring up at a grate and the light beams shining through. The humans above were casually walking by, continuing their lives as they normally would. She questioned herself and where she could have been if this never happened to her or her family. Perhaps she’d be in a better paying position and living happily with her son in full custody. Sighing, she closed her eyes and allowed the sunbeams to warm her face.

After living down here so long now, she grew used to the smell of sewage and the sounds of the noisy streets above. She lay on the ledge for a few hours just contemplating until she fell asleep. By the time she awakened, it was nightfall and she found herself a little bit chilly from the night air. She returned to her lair where all her lair-mates were in bed except for Julie, who was up feeding Alexander a bottle. Bethany bypassed the kitchen and went straight for her room, which only consisted of a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser with some of her clothing. She changed out of her long skirt and blouse in favor of putting on a thin nightgown with spaghetti straps and it hung down just above her knees. She planned to go to bed, but after having slept for so long, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to.

A great deal of time passed and she just couldn’t get comfortable. Tossing and turning was getting old. When she peeked at the clock on the nightstand it read midnight. Her mind was full and it meant no sleep for tonight, but the reason behind her boggled brain was probably sleeping comfortably in his own lair…

After another thirty minutes passed, she gave up and crawled out of bed, retrieving her shoes and a long sweater jacket. She wrapped herself up and tiptoed through her home, making it to the exit without waking any of the girls. Stepping out into the sewer, she took the path leading to the turtle’s place and walked slowly.

The turtle’s lair was quiet it seemed. Leo had given Bethany permission to drop in whenever she liked and taking the opportunity now seemed kind of rude because it was so late, but she went in anyways. She made sure to tiptoe towards the back where Don’s lab was. He might be working late again, as he was known to do. When she reached the big steel door, she cracked it open and peered inside. All the main lights were off. It was a rare night where he may truly be asleep at this hour. Squeezing through the doorway, she carefully padded across the lab so not to alarm him if he was passed out.

Only one small light over his desk was lit and she didn’t see him hunched over in his chair like he usually was when asleep. She peeked over at the papers scattered all over the table. Schematics and other plans for what looked like expanding the lair were laid out. Her nosiness prompted her to pick up one of the blueprints and study it.

Then she heard a smooth and even voice call out to her…


Startled, she dropped the schematic and spun around to see Donnie standing there. He was holding a mug in one hand and a tool box in the other.

“D-Don…I’m, I was…” she stammered.

He didn’t appear annoyed by her presence, but he certainly had very little emotion in his tone. Talking a sip from his drink, he finally asked what she wanted. “What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night.”

She had no idea how to begin. In fact, she had no clue why she came here to begin with. She watched as he calmly lifted his mug to his lips, sipped, and lowered it again. He had no emotions gracing his features and this made it even more difficult for her to speak. His gaze was intent and his eyes appeared to pierce right through her. She never felt so intimidated by him before and found her speech becoming more and more slurred as the minutes passed by. Eventually she had to stop trying before she made a fool of herself.

Donnie strolled over to his desk and placed his tool box down before taking a seat in his chair. He did not say a word since his initial appearance and only sat there in his chair, simply holding his cup and making her feel uncomfortable. In a way, it looked like he was enjoying watching her struggle. He leaned back in his chair, crossing one foot over the other and just waited…

Was he expecting her to say something? She swallowed hard and tried to talk again, but the words just wouldn't form. However…he started with his own thoughts.

“You know, this is the second time you’ve come to me in the night,” he said as he put down his mug and dropped his hands into his lap. “The first time was back at the compound…”

Her eyes shot straight to the floor. “N-not really. I was asleep by your side…eh, hanging off the side of the cot.”

“You still stayed with me. Kept me company. Is that why you’re here now?”

“I’m not sure why I came here…”

Donnie leaned back in his chair and sighed, but he continued to press her. “I think you do know why you came here. Beth, you know it hurts when you can’t openly admit that you might have feelings for me..”

“After everything that I’ve been through the last month and a half, can you really blame me for being so confused?” she said, slightly irritated that he would push the matter.

“You’re right. But at the same time, I’ve been dealing with my own conflicting emotions and it hasn’t helped that you’ve been directing your affections towards me.” Donnie sat up and slowly pulled himself back on his feet. “Bethany, I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but I can tell you that if you keep doing this to me…”
“I’m sorry!” she cried and marched herself over to the desk, dropping her palms flat on the surface and closing her eyes. “My marriage was a disaster. Nothing good came out of it except for my son. After the divorce proceedings, I felt it very to trust men again. I don’t want to fail at another relationship or be treated…like second place…”

“You think I’m going to do the same as your ex?”

Her shoulders hunched and she hung her head. “I don’t believe that you would…but my heart doesn’t want to get ripped out again and stomped on. I can’t help it…” When he didn’t respond, she looked up, expecting a very angry turtle to be standing before her. However, she felt a set of fingers plant themselves underneath her chin and lift her head, bringing her attention back on him.

Donnie’s eyes were soft and his touch was incredibly gentle. When he spoke again, his voice was filled with compassion. “I would never do anything to harm you. I just want a chance to prove it to you…”

The tiniest of smiles graced her lips and she found herself unable to hold back. She opened her arms and quickly stepped into his embrace. “I’m so sorry I made you feel awful the last few weeks!”

His arms wrapped tightly around her and his chin settled on the top of her head. His fingers ran through her hair and his other hand settled at the small of her back, pressing against her sweater coat and lifting it slightly. “I know how hard it’s been for you, but…I just want to have a relationship with you. I want to make you happy again.”

She smiled and pressed her cheek against his plastron. “You know, Leo said a lot of things that encouraged me to move forward. I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation that night we gave your brother back his sais. He told me about your personality a bit.”

Donnie smiled. “Yeah, I can be a bit difficult to read, but I’m glad Leo was able to detail my complicated persona. Perhaps you can enlighten me on the ways of emotional attachment.”

She chuckled, “Yeah, I can…Leo said-“

“Let’s not talk about my brothers right now.”

“Okay. What do you want to talk about?”

“Us. Where we stand as of now.” Donnie loosened his grip on her so they could part slightly, but his hands remained at her waist and hers settled on his forearms. “I want to be a part of your life…and I hope you feel the same way.”

Bethany smiled again and she brought her hands up to his shoulders, as far as she could reach and gently pulled until he caught on and lowered his face. She placed a small kiss on his lips before softly whispering, “I want a relationship with you…”

Donnie’s heart nearly skipped a beat and he finally allowed himself to sink further into her arms. His lips reconnected with hers and they shared a very passionate kiss. He didn’t want to have to crane his neck and simply scooped her up by the waist, lifting her until her head was level with his and his hands held her securely by gripping her thighs. Her legs opened to wrap around him and she was able to embrace his neck as they kissed. Her nails raked the soft skin below his skull and his bandana tails tangled around her fingers. Eventually his glasses slid down his nose and he chuckled when she assisted him by pushing them back up with her nose. This allowed her to trail little fluttering kisses along the bridge of his muzzle before reconnecting their lips.

To finally have Bethany admit her true feelings meant a lot to him and he intended to show just how much he cared. He slowly turned around and carried her to the lab door, their kiss never breaking and he opened it with his foot. A good walk lay between the lab and his room, but he made the trek as quietly and quickly as possible. Upon arrival, Bethany closed the door as he carried her in and he brought her to his unkempt bed. Still holding her tight, he leaned the two of them over and placed her down against the mattress. Her legs remained parted and he easily fit between them, but kept all of his weight on his elbows. He could feel her tail wriggle against his thigh and he felt a chill run up his spine. Then he decided to finally break their kiss.

A moment of silence passed between them and Bethany found herself slowly becoming nervous. “Donnie…I’m really…”

“I won’t do anything that you disapprove of,” he said and stroked the side of her face. “I just want to be with you.”

It was flattering and she was appreciative of how slow he was moving in their relationship, but she couldn’t deny that her stomach was flip-flopping with anticipation. Her broken heart from her marriage was healing and she’d moved past the incident with Raphael by keeping on good terms with him and forgiving him. Now that she was regaining her life, she was ready to expand and relive it. “Donnie, I’m not afraid anymore.” She then cupped his cheeks and kissed his forehead. Afterwards, she planted several more kisses down the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks all while sliding her sweater down her arms, revealing her nightgown to him. She easily kicked off her shoes and could feel him doing the same with his. Of course, he had more gear on and he was removing each piece one by one as they kept up their affections.

“Beth…I don’t w-wanna p-push you or a-anything…” he stuttered as he tossed aside the last of his armor. “B-but I…really…want…” He hesitated, not able to bring himself to say it or ask it of her.

She had a heavy blush spread across her cheeks. She was nervous as hell and understood perfectly what he was asking for but he was afraid. However, the memory of Raphael made this incredibly difficult and she wanted to say no, but her heart and body was saying yes. If she could allow Donnie to get this close to her, perhaps her recovery would go that much quicker. He was so gentle and kind, how could she deny such a beautiful soul the opportunity to experience the most intimate act known to man? She’d been with him long enough to know that he was sweet and respectful. If she said no, he would certainly back off, but she’d done so much to cause him pain. She couldn’t deny him a special moment and honestly…she was longing for a gentle man’s touch again. Without a word, she squeezed her hands between them and tugged the material of her nightgown up. It easily slid between their bodies and when she managed to get the material to her chest, Donnie appeared flustered.

He swallowed hard when she pulled her dress over her head. He’d seen her before, but not like this. Nearly losing his nerve, Don closed his eyes and only felt her body move against his. Her breasts were now exposed and pressed to his plastron.

She tossed her nightgown aside, letting it fall to the floor and nothing stood between her and Don’s body.

He was flabbergasted that she was willing to go so far for him. Not that he didn’t want to, but he was very apprehensive. She was treated like trash and used the last few years. What could she be thinking this moment? Don opened his eyes again to peer down into hers and saw nothing more than trust in those lovely orbs. His fear and astonishment turned into flattery and he turned redder than ever. Then he felt a twitch underneath his shorts and he knew that it would be impossible to turn back if he continued, but he didn’t want to stop.

As he contemplated his next move, he felt her lips brushing against his throat and her delicate hands pressed up along his forearms, gently squeezing the muscles. Donnie sighed, relishing in her soft kisses and allowing his mind to succumb to her whims. His inexperience…he didn’t want it to show and so he pressed his lips to her forehead and claimed her around the waist, allowing some of his weight to press down on her.

Donnie was heavy, but she didn’t mind the extra burden for the time being. She felt secure and content. His knees kept her legs spread wide and now she could feel his arousal rubbing through his spandex and against her core. He truly wanted her and he wasn’t pushing her to make up her mind…

It was obvious that she knew about his growing desire and Don swallowed again. “…s-sorry…I can’t really control it…”

She whispered into his shoulder, “I know you can’t. Don’t try to. I don’t want you to…”

His eyes widened and he understood. “S-so…you’re…g-giving me…”

Bethany kissed along his shoulder and reached for his wrist. She slowly brought his hand up, letting it run along her ribs until his fingers connected with the soft flesh of her breast and she let it settle, covering the entire mound.

He couldn’t prevent his grip from flexing and he massaged her flesh, feeling the skin swell between his fingers and the nipple press into his palm. Their eyes locked once more and he could no longer restrain himself. Asking her outright, “Beth…would you let me make love to you?”

She was taken aback by his request to give her physical love and sensed his sincerity. His eyes reflected his desire to love her and she wanted to cry, yet held back her tears. “Yes…”

Delighted and terrified by her acceptance, Donatello quickly crushed her lips with his and the pair entwined their bodies, arms and legs tangled together as they kissed. Hands explored and tongues slid against each other. Bethany’s tail wrapped itself around his thigh of its own accord and she dragged her fingers down his sides, skimming along the edge of his plastron and causing him to moan softly.
“I like that…” he admitted and backed off of her, keeping her hands on his sensitive skin, but he wanted to please her as well. Her breasts came into view and he sunk down slightly so his face lined up with her left swell and he let his tongue roll out of his mouth and taste the sweet skin of her nipple. His tongue spiraled around the peaking teat and flattened over the entire areola.

His bandana tails dangled onto her chest, tickling her skin and she held in her chuckles in favor of savoring his affections on her chest. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, bringing him closer and he responded by opening his mouth wide and taking the nipple inside. The suction drew her skin in tightly and he teased and deeply kissed the mound, allowing his teeth to occasionally nip. He continued for several minutes until he decided to switch sides and give her other breast the same attention. As he did so, he had images running through his mind. Since he was so inexperienced, he could only rely on books and films to guide him, but none could tell him if everything he did was what she’d enjoy. Only Beth could tell him, but she refrained from saying anything more than a moan or groan.

He dragged his hands to her ribs, where they rested and his nails raked the underside of her breasts. When he felt her breasts were sufficiently colored a deeper shade of blue he stopped and admired his work. Small marks and splotches of broken capillaries littered her skin. He smiled and rest his cheek against her belly. He was nearly in denial that this was happening, but even if this was a dream, he didn’t want it to end. Then Donnie grew bolder and wanted to put his skills to the test. “Stay still,” he muttered as he started lowering himself down her torso, leaving a trail of kisses down her belly. He stopped momentarily at her belly button and dipped his tongue into it before continuing downwards. Her beautiful teal skin darkened slightly the further he went and finally he reached a small patch of curly hair, groomed neatly and tickling his chin. He could now smell her feminine scent. Mammals were very interesting creatures indeed. Their pheromones wafted in the air, attracting their mates and seducing them. Not being a mammal himself, he never understood it exactly, but could now that he was exposed so closely to her sex. Her scent was light and pleasant. Perhaps his mutation, which was fused with a bit of human DNA gave him the gift of attraction to mammals. His human half was excited and he could feel his length hardening fully. It couldn’t be helped and he reached into his spandex and gripped his length, running his palm along it as he brought his face down to her core and got a perfect view of her folds.

“Oh…man…” Donnie uttered, his nerves slowly creeping back up on him. He gulped, but refused to give into his apprehension and he gripped one of her thighs while his other hand continued to stroke himself. The friction on his length encouraged him to continue because he knew a different kind of friction would be applied to his long appendage later on and he really wanted to know what it felt like. Not letting go of himself, he slowly ran his thumb over the head of his cock while his face moved closer to her body. With his other hand holding her body, Donnie started with gentle kisses along her thighs, tongue sliding up and down the scales and then running over the soft flesh surrounding her sex. Her labia was deepening in color due to the blood rushing to her genitals and he saw that her folds flushed and a sheen of moisture started to spread. His curiosity led him to trail his tongue along the slit of her pussy and he could taste the sweet, yet bitter fluid that would allow him entrance later. It was just as pleasant as it smelled and he couldn’t help but drive his tongue between the swollen petals.

That’s when her mewls and cries began. Hearing her pleas and feeling her fingers entangle in his bandana kept his focus on her body. Right now, he only wanted to bring her pleasure and make her feel special. When her torso started to buck, he smiled and was forced to let go of himself so he could have two hands steady her. He gripped her hips tightly and instantly started to lap at her, drinking heartily and loving her delectable flavor. He’d never tasted anything like it and if he wasn’t careful, he’d down every drop. Then he figured she’d be ready for the last leg of this oral tour and he brought his tongue up about an inch where her clitoris lay. He barely brushed the tiny bead, causing her body to jolt and her voice to echo in his room.

Bethany’s back arched and her mouth fell open. “Oh…g-god! Don’t stop…” she begged and her nails dragged on the top of his head.

Donnie almost snorted at her reaction, but settled for a smirk. But he did hope she’d keep her voice down since his brothers didn’t need to know what they were up to. Every tiny cry that escaped just motivated him to keep torturing her and he licked and sucked the clit to his heart’s content, causing her to squirm and wriggle almost out of his grasp.

Her arms raised over her head to grab onto the pillow and she squashed it between her fingers, trying so hard not to scream and wake his brothers at this hour. Her hair was sprawled out all over the bed and some began sticking to her neck as she started heating up. Her belly was warm with passion which started to spread into her loins. His naturally talented tongue circled her clit, dove inside her slit, and he would sometimes suck the soft flaps between his lips. Then she felt his hand slowly glide up her thigh and a very thick object slowly made its way inside her. It was determined to be one of his fingers. “Oh…Donnie…y-you have no i-idea how amazing that f-feels…”

For a split second, Don backed away from her to clue her in. “I’m sure I can determine that by how much you’re squirming and begging.” Then he returned to her center to lick and nibble her clit a little bit longer. At least until she begged for him to stop. He pulled away, bringing a fair amount of her juices with him. His finger was sopping and strings of fluid hung from his chin. He licked his lips a few times before sliding his wet digits into his mouth and clearing away any stickiness before he peered up at her, watching her eyes and loving how clouded over they’d become.

His cock was rock hard and Donnie was growing desperate for relief. He climbed up to the head of the bed so he was face to face with her again, fully intending to move forward and moments before he was about to crawl over her, she stopped him by pressing her hand to his chest and coaxing him into lying on his back.

Confused by her actions, Don wanted to ask why she stopped him, but she silenced him by touching his lips. Then she flipped over onto her hands and knees and started a lengthy set of kisses on his plastron, beginning at the top and working her way down.

Don’s nerves were almost shot and his breathing picked up. He was most certain he knew where this was going and he’d never experienced it or any act for that matter. What would she think of him when she saw him? His breath caught in his throat when she reached the top of his spandex and ran her palm along the material, rubbing the full length of his penis. Then her fingers hooked the elastic waistband and she gently pulled down, needing some help from him. He lifted his hips, making the task simpler and he closed his eyes, sheer terror overtaking him. She would see his fully erect length in seconds…

It felt like an eternity and Donnie finally felt brave enough to open his eyes. He was greeted with Bethany’s small smile and her hand settled at the base of his cock. Before he could say anything, he saw her tongue slide from between her lips and lay a wet kiss on the shaft. Her other hand was resting comfortably on his inner thigh, gently massaging until it slathered to his testicles and she cupped them, using her thumb to gently rub the fleshy sack. He let out the breath he was holding and became fully entranced in her affections towards his genitals. She kissed and licked the long appendage while her hands toyed with his balls and slowly stroked the lower half of his cock. Her mouth worked its way up the length and he was steadily losing it.

The head of his penis was highly sensitive and her lips were mere centimeters away. He swallowed hard when her tongue tickled the underside of the head and when her entire mouth surrounded it, he damn near fainted. The heat of her mouth circled around his head and took him in, sliding back downwards until he felt the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat.

It couldn’t be helped. Don was like a child who was surrounded by every type of toy or candy in the world…or in his case, every form of technology known to man that he could take apart and rebuild. His thoughts were jumbled and his loins were on fire. Her experienced tongue was tormenting him, making him feel utmost pleasure. He was tempted to shut his eyes again, but he wanted to watch her work his cock. Not looking away again, he admired how her hands and lips synched up. Then she started bobbing up and down and he was in heaven.

“Oh…fuck…” he murmured and placed his palm on the base of her neck. It took all of his patience to keep himself from grabbing her and throwing her down to penetrate. If this is what a blowjob felt like, then he could only imagine how good it was to have real sex. Without really knowing why, his hips started to move, pushing his length upwards and helping her as she pleased him orally. Those hands of hers slowly moved towards the bottom of his plastron and gently caressed the skin next to the hard shell. “Beth…I can’t…I won’t last long…i-if you keep this up…” This was causing him to stumble through his sentences. “Please, let me…”

She gave him a finally stroke by slowly rising up, dragging her tongue along the underside of his full length. When he was removed from her mouth completely, she complimented him. “You’re so long. I don’t think you’ll fit entirely…”

It was true, he had a great deal of length compared to a human. At least a good 15-16 inches at full mast. Donnie’s cheeks flushed and he scratched his head with embarrassment. Then there was an awkward pause between them. Bethany sat on the bed, looking a little shy and she toyed with her hair while he pulled himself upright and resting on his hands. They were both hot and flustered, but unsure of their next move. Finally Don touched her shoulder, getting her attention again.

“Are you sure? Because I won’t be upset if you change your mind. I’m very patient…” he said. However, his instincts were not as patient as he said they were and he was praying that she wouldn’t decide against it at this point. He watched her carefully, looking for any disapproving body language, but she remained still and her eyes would glance around nervously. He couldn’t blame her for being frightened. The last time she had sex, it was very traumatic. That must be flowing through her mind right now. To try and keep her calm, he scooted closer to her and simply draped an arm around her while gently kissing her temple. Before he got another word in, she leaned forward and rolled onto her back, legs together and knees bent.

She touched his fingers and tugged them gently, signaling that she wanted him to join her. Without hesitation, Don crawled to her side and rested on his elbow, his erection pressing against her outer thigh and twitching every now and again with anticipation. She reached out for him, capturing his shoulders in her embrace and bringing him down so she could plant another kiss on his lips. His body maneuvered and covered hers almost entirely and they fit well together.

“I’m sure…” she whispered between kisses and they separated just so they could gaze at the other. Without breaking eye contact, Bethany adjusted her legs, allowing them to open and allow him to settle between them. His massive length rested on her groin, pulsating and waiting to penetrate.

A burst of heat released from her when his hips joined hers and it was getting impossible for him to hold back. He reached between their bodies and gripped himself, pointing the tip at her opening and letting the head touch her exterior, but he hesitated again, wanting one last answer from her…

“Do you accept me?” he asked and gave her his undivided attention.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her eyes never leaving his. Barely audible, she responded, “Yes…”

Without showing his extreme elation, Donnie pushed his head into the molten heat of her body and kept the initial thrust as slow as possible. Every centimeter he traveled, more and more heat enveloped him and he watched her face for discomfort. Eventually his cock came to a halt when he felt the back wall of her vagina. Taking in the new feeling, Donnie released a breath and checked on her again. Her eyes were partially squinting and mouth slightly opened. She was taking deeper breaths. “Are you okay?” he asked, worried he might have overdone it.

“Just very full…” she said softly.

“Do you want me to pull out?”

“No. Just go slow for now.”

He nodded and started with a very gentle pace. The first thrust relinquished him of his virginity and now he felt entirely like a new person. One capable of giving love in every way, shape, or form.

Bethany had cringed a bit when he entered her. The stretching was overwhelming, but not painful like when Raph had been with her. She was fully prepared this time and not only that, she was probably as nervous as he was because he was the virgin, not her. He felt like he was going to break her and she had a tiny bit of pressure to show him the ropes. That’s why she gave him the blowjob. Now he was taking charge and so far, he was caring and consistent with his tenderness. Eventually she gave him the okay to go faster and he upped the pace. He made her feel complete again. This is what she wanted during her first marriage…a relationship that extended beyond money and sex. A real meaningful relationship where the couple actually established a real connection. She found it in a mutant and did not regret it.

Don was pushing deeply, loving every ridge his cock encountered. Her insides felt like silky pillows, warm and moist; a glove that fit perfectly around him. “This feels so good…” he mumbled and tightened his grip on her shoulders. His rear muscles worked harder to thrust into her and increase the pressure.

She was now taking deeper breaths and emitting a series of gasps and moans. Speaking was getting harder and she could feel the beginnings of her orgasm started to build. “G-go faster…”

He responded by moving quicker. His hands let up on her shoulders and pushed down into the mattress so he could hover over her without squishing her. This also gave him a nice view of her tits as they bounced with every thrust. Sometimes he would lean over and kiss the swollen nipples before sending his tongue all over her neck.

Eventually he switched their position and lie down on his side behind her, tugging her body closer so her back fit nicely against his chest. He hooked his arm under her knee and lifted it so his length would slide inside of her once again. She automatically kept her leg up for him so his fingers could trail down to her clitoris and start rubbing it. The change of position brought on different sensations. Donnie balanced himself on one elbow so he could still see her face as she turned her torso slightly towards him. Their temples touched and cheeks were lined up, gazes locked on each other.

She reached one arm up and over to place behind his head. The position was so romantic it was making her crazy. His fingers played with her folds and pressed harder on her clit and she was certain she wouldn’t last much longer, but decided she wanted to give him a chance to lie on the bottom. “Lie down,” she said and waited for him to pull out. When she felt his length leave her body, she had him lay in the center of his bed and climbed up into his lap. She steadied herself as she guided his member back inside. Immediately she put her hands on his shoulders and put her legs to use by bouncing up and down in his lap.

His hands flew to her hips to assist her with the pacing and now he could see her entire body and his eyes wandered down to their joined pelvises. His cock disappeared and reappeared within her and the sight of their sex itself was pushing him closer to the end. Not able to keep his noise at bay, Donnie started grunting and moaning as the orgasm neared. His enthusiasm to cum caused him to pull himself up against the headboard and harshly grabbed her waist to pound harder. She was clinging tightly to his shoulders now and he could hear the change in her breathing pattern, suggesting to him that she may be close too.

Her limbs quivered and she was incapable of making coherent sentences. Sweat trickled down her chest and her body was ridiculously hot.

Donnie kissed her collarbones, tasting the saltiness of her flesh. Like her, sweat poured down his forehead and neck, but he kept up the thrusts from beneath her. Her body was starting to fall into a frenzied state and he was most certain she was about to blow. When her voice raised and she cried out, he was sure of it. She screamed loudly and begged for him to ‘just keep fucking her’ while his own body made the demand to finish as well.

“Oh g-god…oh fuck, oh my god…” she said mid-orgasm and her arms wrapped even tighter around him until the calm finally took over her.

When she started to settle down, Don realized that her pleas and physical reaction had an effect on him and he suddenly felt the rushing of cum through his length. He growled and let out a deep sigh as he spilled his seed into her waiting body. For good measure, he thrust a few more times and eventually came to a halt. Letting his cock stay wedged inside her, he simply relaxed against the headboard and kept his arms around her waist so she was now laying against him. They remained joined together for a while, each getting used to the other’s touch.

Bethany left a trail of fluttering kisses on his forehead while he smiled and lay back against the pillows. He was hot and sticky, but content. The huge release of endorphins was slowly putting him into a relaxed state and he knew within a few minutes he’d be asleep. His length slipped out of her on its own, but he did nothing to clean himself up. She easily rolled to his side and the pair pulled one of the sheets up, giving them some sort of cover in case a brother decided to wake them up in the morning.

They could only stare at each other until they passed out, both very satisfied and welcoming their new status as lovers.
They are now attacking my fanfics too! They just removed chapter 20 of Under Wraps... I am deeply offended that they have the gall to remove my writings!

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You got hugged !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spread the DA love around! (you can copy and paste this message on their userpage!)

1- You can hug the person who hugged you!
2- You -MUST- hug 6 other people, at least!
3- You should hug them in public! Paste it on their page!
4- Random hugs are perfectly okay! (and sweet)
5- You should most definitely get started hugging right away!

Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
If You Get 7 Back You Are Loved!
1-3 you're a bad friend!
4-6 you're an ok friend!
7-9 you're a good friend!
10-& Up you're a great friend!
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Joeker-la Joeker-la Joeker-la Joeker-la Joeker-la Joeker-la Joeker-la 
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YOU'VE BEEN HUGGED!! Huggle huggle <3
Spread the DA love around! (you can copy and paste this message on their userpage!)

1- You can hug the person who hugged you!
2- You -MUST- hug 10 other people, at least!
3- You should hug them in public! Paste it on their page!
4- Random hugs are perfectly okay! (and sweet)
5- You should most definitely get started hugging right away!
Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
If You Get 7 Back You Are Loved!
1-3 you're bad friend
4-6 you're an ok friend
7-9 you're a good friend
10-& Up you're loved =7=
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