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It was fairly early in the morning and Leonardo had gone straight to the dojo after brushing his teeth and straightening up his room. After his brothers had returned from the incident at the compound, they barely had a chance to practice or spar. He sat in the middle of the tatami mats, sharpening his swords and cleaning them of any debris and scuffs. When he was satisfied with their end result, he slid his swords into their sheaths on his back and he put away his polish. It was time to retrieve his brothers for their first training session together in weeks. Leaving the dojo, Leo found Mikey in the kitchen, having breakfast.

"Don't eat a lot. We have training this morning," Leo said.

Mikey pouted but nodded and he ended up tossing the remainder of his eggs and toast. The last time he overate before training, he yacked all over the dojo. Leo then moved to collect Raphael in his room. His normally angry brother appeared to be solemn this morning and he was awake already. Leo would almost always have to wake him, which typically earned him a lot of scorn during practice. For once, he embraced having a hard session and Raphael silently followed, which dampened Leo's expectations of a long and tough battle. After the training, Leo planned to ask what was wrong with his brother.

Typically Donnie would arrive at the dojo on his own since he was the most reliable, but the three turtles waited…and waited…and waited….

Nearly thirty minutes had gone by and Don failed to appear in the dojo, making Leo antsy and irritated. He peered at Raph and Mikey, who simply shrugged at one another.

"Maybe he's sick?" Mikey said.

"He was fine last night. No mention of anything…" Leo said.

"Could be a stomach bug," Raph added.

"I'll go check on him." Leo then left his two brothers behind as he headed to the lab. To his surprise, he did not find an ill Donatello or a brother that was working on a project. The lab was empty and the only place left was Don's bedroom. It was strange because Donnie almost never spent any time in his room and nearly slept in his lab every night. Oh well. He marched towards his brother's room and waited outside the door, listening to hear if his brother was awake. He heard minor sounds and metal occasionally crackling. Sounded like Don got caught up in another project and forgot they had practice this morning. Leo groaned in frustration and gently knocked on the door, but the small noises continued. After a couple more knocks, Leo gave up and decided to just open the door. He took the knob and turned it, gently pushing it forward and his eyes were greeted with quite a sight…

Leo's jaw nearly dropped when he witnessed Donnie pumping and grinding his hips into a very receptive Bethany, who was swimming in a pool of ecstasy. Her fingers were digging into Don's shoulders and her lips were attached to his throat. His face reddened when he accidentally caught a view of Don's penis penetrating her. Immediately, Leo shut the door and spun around, shell against the wall and his heart rate shooting through the roof. He just witnessed one of his brothers making love to…Bethany. Not that he didn't expect it to happen eventually, but so soon? She looked pretty happy and he did tell her to take action if she developed feelings for Donnie. For a moment, Leo needed to catch his breath and rid himself of his embarrassment, but he quickly returned to the dojo where his other brothers were already sparring together. Still shaken from what he witnessed, Leo took a seat on the edge of the tatami and watched the other two battle each other.

Almost another thirty minutes passed and Raph and Mikey had finished up sparring. Both were pretty beat, but they each offered to fight Leo, who had not moved from his spot since returning.

"C'mon, Leo…" Mikey urged.

"Yeah, bro. Ya gotta get ya round in," Raph said.

Leo contemplated fighting them, but he knew that Donnie needed his session still. "No, you guys go ahead and wash up. I'm gonna wait for Don and I'll train with him."

Raph simply nodded and he and Mikey took their leave. Leo calmly awaited his last brother's arrival, which came fifteen minutes later.

Donnie finally arrived looking a little disheveled, but dressed in a pair of workout pants and a single belt. He retrieved a staff from the wall and approached Leo. "Where's…?"

"They're done for the day. You're very late for practice," Leo said sternly, yet he climbed to his feet and retrieved his swords.


"This isn't going to become a regular thing with you is it? Usually it's Raph who's late every morning."

"No, it won't. I was just…distracted this morning."

One of Leo's eyebrows raised. "Oh really? Distracted by what?"

Don swallowed. "Uh…was distracted by…a new… uh, project."

"Hm, well this new project will have to wait until after our practice in the morning. I don't want you an hour late every morning. And to make sure it doesn't happen again, you have 20 laps around the dojo and 100 pushups to complete. This way you don't allow your distraction to cause you a loss of focus."

Donnie's shoulders hunched, "Awe….man."

Leo smirked and he started his own katas while Don started his punishment. After his brother finished the exercises, Leo started out their sparring with a swift swing of his swords to which Don countered with his metal staff and blocked the attack. They battled it out for ten minutes, Leo mostly winning and Donnie appearing more distracted than ever.

"You're not yourself this morning," Leo commented, somewhat disappointed that Don was letting a female prevent him from fighting well. "You wanna tell me what's really going on? You've never fought so poorly, unless your injuries are still bothering you." He watched as his brother's face turned white.

"No, my leg's fine now. I'm nearly healed." Don lowered his weapon, signaling that he didn't plan to attack.

Leo also lowered his weapons. "C'mon bro, what's up? What project are you possibly doing that's bothering you so much?"

Don frowned. "I kinda lied about that. Nothing new to work on. I'm just dealing with a lot of emotions right now."

"What kind? Like, related to Bethany?"

That caught Don's attention and Leo watched as his younger brother's cheeks started to flush and he was trying his best to remain stoic. It was typical for Donnie to get quieter when he had been found out. "Uh…perhaps."

"Well, I'm assuming by how silent you are on the topic, I hit the nail on the head. So, you like her…that's obvious and I know for a fact that she likes you."

"How do you know that?"

"I approached her about the matter a few days ago. She's probably more conflicted than you are."

Don nodded. "That's for sure, but we've worked through our problem and everything's peachy now," he lied.

Leo chuckled. "Peachy. Never thought I'd hear you say that."

"Yes, well I've probably said more things than I normally wouldn't in the last few weeks. So, what did Bethany say anyways?"

"She was afraid of moving too fast into a relationship and thought moving into the other lair with the girls was the right choice to prevent heartbreak. However, by doing that she worried about how you'd feel and I encouraged her to approach you about it. Seems she did because you look pretty content this morning, albeit a little disheveled. Not like you to be sloppy looking in the morning."

Don scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously. "Yeah, I uh…"

"So when did Bethany arrive?"

That caught Donnie off guard and he swallowed hard. "Hm, last night. Late."

"This isn't going to become a regular habit I hope, you being late every morning…"
Donnie shook his head. "It was a one time thing, promise," he replied quickly and clumsily dropped his bo.

"You're falling apart. Did something happen last night? Please tell me you two didn't argue and you're trying to cover it up."

"Erm…Leo, I'm just really distracted. I…I…just feel a bit guilty I guess."

"Why?" Leo sheathed his swords and took a seat on the tatami. His brother followed suit. "Talk to me. I promise I'll keep this in confidence."

Don cleared his throat and thought about how he was going to say this. It was best to just come and say it rather than beat around the bush. With reddening cheeks Don finally admitted, "I slept with her last night and I feel like I might have pushed her into it."

"Did she consent to it?"

"Well, yes."

"Then what are you worried about? If she agreed to sex, then you're in the clear."

Don frowned. "I mean, she agreed, but only after I kind of pushed her into making up her mind about me. I'm starting to wonder if I was just being too sensitive. I guess at my age, I'm more in a rush for companionship than I thought.

"You can't blame yourself for that. In a way, we all want companionship. I mean, look at what happened to Raph. I know he's looking for a partner. Bethany's proof enough of that. He just went about it wrong and didn't ask. You did. You're a patient man and I'm sure she appreciates it."

"But don't you think it's too soon? It's only been a few months since she met us." Donnie rubbed his forearms nervously.

Leo sighed. "Donnie, she came to you, right?" His brother nodded and Leo continued, "Okay and she approached you, so I assume you questioned her why she did."


"And then you wanted to know how she felt about you?" Leo watched as his brother shifted uncomfortably. "Did you want to end this conversation?"

Donnie shook his head. "I did wanna know. I couldn't take having her keep coming to me and just, uh just…"

"Tease you?"

"She wasn't doing it on purpose. Back at the compound, I only thought she was redirecting her emotions, but she was the one who initiated that kiss and after that, I've gotten mixed signals. When we were lying together on the cot and when I helped her move to the new lair. Last night, I was very close to just letting her go and then that happened. Now I don't think I could let her go even if I wanted to. Leo, did I truly screw this up? What is Raph going to think?"

"Raph's not gonna care and it doesn't matter even if he did. Bethany likes you and she proved it to you last night. I believe you're over thinking this much in the same way you over think about your projects. You're in love and it doesn't require much thinking."

"I guess so. I'll just have to learn to trust my instincts."

Leo smiled. "That's the idea. So, why don't we just get in a quick session and then you can get back to your lady. If anything, why don't you invite her down to train with us. After everything she went through, she needs to learn to protect herself. In fact, all the girls should learn. I'll stop by the other lair today and extend the invitation."

"I'll run it by her. It's definitely a good idea." Don then picked up his bo, content now that he had this chat and prepared to spar.

Thirty minutes went by quickly and Leo turned Donnie loose from practice. So he rushed back up to his room and found Bethany asleep and curled up in the comforter. He sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through her hair, causing her to stir.

"Mmh…morning, again…" she said groggily.

"Hey. You hungry?" he asked softly.

"A little. Could use some coffee." She sat up, letting the blanket fall off her. "The others don't know I'm here, do they?"

"Leo does. He's pretty vigilant. C'mon, let's go have breakfast, a shower, and we'll talk some more."

"Can I borrow some clothes? I only have my nightgown and a sweater coat and I'd prefer to have more than those thin garments."

"Might be a little baggy for you, but sure."

Raphael kicked another chunk of debris out of his way. He was so angry today and not entirely sure why. When he finished practice and cleaned up, he returned to the kitchen to find Donatello and Bethany there. Leo and Mikey were seated at the table having a meal together and he was stuck waiting for Don to finish making up a pile of pancakes. Bethany was standing at the edge of the counter near him and Raph was forced to watch the two subtly flirting with each other. It was the last straw for him when he spotted Bethany's tail playfully skitter up Don's inner thigh.

Skipping breakfast entirely, Raph silently left the lair and went out into the sewers to break some things. He couldn't understand why he was feeling so much resentment towards his brother. He grumbled as he passed through the sewer, not really thinking about where he was going and found a place deep in the sewer system where he figured nobody would look. Of course…he wasn't the only person who discovered this empty portion of the sewers and Raph spotted a figure sitting at the end of a tunnel. He drew his weapons and stealthily moved closer to investigate, at least until the figure spoke.

"I know you're there. I can sense you."

Raph immediately recognized it to be Sophia and he stashed his sais in his belt again and walked forward. She was twirling around a small knife and sticking a piece of wood with it. "Whaddya doin' here by yourself?"

"I wanted to be alone. That such a bad thing?" she asked, annoyed.

"Whatever," Raph said and he started to turn and head in another direction, but she stopped him.

"Why did ya help me?"


"Back in the compound when those guys were tryin' to rape me, you damn near killed them. I used to be your enemy and you still saved me."

"Because ya didn't deserve it."

She dropped the wood. "Didn't deserve to be saved?!"

Raph corrected her, "Didn't deserve to be raped."

"Nobody deserves to be raped…" she retorted.

Raph frowned. "True."

"So you did rape Bethany, didn't you? Why did you do that?" Sophia turned slightly to look at Raph.

"I wasn't in my…I was just…I don't know."

"You don't know how it messes with women."

"I have a good idea 'bout that now. I went through extreme and much deserved punishment for what I did. It felt incredibly good when she finally forgave me. I'll never do somethin' like that again. It cost me too much. My sanity. My honor. Almost cost me my brother's trust."

"I see. Ya got problems. I got problems too," she said, almost in a whisper.

"Which also makes me wonder. Why ain't ya scared of me?" Raph questioned. He figured someone like her would be terrified of a man like him. One who raped in the past.

She curled up her legs and put her knife away in its sheath. "Cuz you don't look like the type who would rape, to be honest. Even though ya did, you're too honorable in appearance. I'm takin' a wild guess here, but ya did it because you were desperate. Is that right?"

"I ain't desperate," Raph growled.

"Well I don't exactly picture ya gettin' laid often as a mutant. In fact, I'll probably never get laid properly again either. Not that I have to begin with. This body makes it impossible now."

"Bullshit! I can get laid again! So can you! Just gotta find someone with an open mind."

"How many humans you met with open minds?"

Raph groaned but admitted, "Not many."

"Ya see? Humans are shit anyways…I would know, I used to be a shitty one."

"Whaddya gonna dwell in ya self-pity? Buck up!" Raph barked at her.

"Ya know, ya didn't have to start talkin' to me if ya weren't interested in hearin' me bitch about life!" She pulled herself to her feet angrily and got in Raph's face. "I was doin' just fine before I met all ya…"

"Fuck that! You were runnin' for ya life! Those soldiers would have blasted ya before you got out of that hell hole!" Raph growled right back and he stood tall, making himself look a hell of a lot larger just to intimidate her.

"I managed two days before they found me! I don't need you're help or ya pity!"

Raph smirked. "I ain't givin' ya pity. So shut the fuck up. Forget about the past for a second. Now that I got ya here, Leo wants to invite ya to the lair every other mornin' for training with the other girls. You wanna learn to fight with or without weapons? Come and learn. Training's at seven a.m. See ya tomorrow if ya interested. With that, Raph turned heel and headed back towards the lair, snickering and smiling a bit. She was very spunky and had very little fear. He kind of liked it and wondered how she'd fair in a sparring match against him or Leo. She might turn out to be a good ninja if she agreed to come along.

Sophia grumbled to herself and marched back towards her lair, wondering if the other girls were actually going to go to those lessons or whatever. She kicked a few cans as she walked through the sewer, pretending they were Raphael's head. "What an asshole…"

On his way back to the lair, Raphael threw his sai at pipes and yanked it back out in order to throw it at something else and punch as many holes as he could. "What a bitch…" he muttered and thought about what a girl like that could possibly learn from a few ninjutsu lessons. She was ridiculously stubborn. Upon reaching the lair, Raph trudged past Mikey, who was playing around on his laptop. There was no sig of Leo and he figured the fearless leader would be hiding in the dojo. There was a pretty good chance Donnie was in his lab with Bethany and so Raph planned to stay far away from there. Instead he went upstairs and to his room where he would have peace and quiet. No girls or brothers around to piss him off…
They keep taking down my art that is clearly not explicit and whining that it violates policy. I'm thinking about leaving permanently now because this is ridiculous.

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